Black Union Jack

Hello and welcome to the site. This blog will be celebrating the contribution of black people from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom. It will be uplifting, inspirational and motivational and will focus on positive images of black life in Britain.

When I was growing up I used to hear the phrase ‘there ain’t no black in the Union Jack’ which was another way of saying that the UK will always be known as a white-only country but this site will turn that concept on its head and show just how much black Caribbean people have added to this nation over the course of hundreds of years.

I am black and British and I feel that it is important to know just how much my people have enriched this country in every area – sport, the arts, sciences, philosophy, health, politics etc etc.

It’s time to celebrate our blackness and our Britishness – it’s time to put some black in the Union Jack – enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Black Union Jack

  1. Hi Karen. I resonate with much of what you have written in this website. I was born and grew up in Leeds and I am currently involved in education. Like you, I had a Bajan mother who worked in the NHS. My father was the first West Indian Councillor who served on Leeds City Council. Would you be happy for me to write a contributory blog for your site? Please let me know.


    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. Your story sounds fascinating especially as it is an example of growing up with Caribbean ancestry in the north of England. I would definitely like you to write a blog about your experience for the site. Thanks so much.


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