Happy New Year

So Christmas and the New Year are out of the way and it’s time to once again start posting on this blog – I just hope there are still people out there following it.

I’ll begin with a simple shout out for a new event taking place in February showcasing writers and poets from the Black Caribbean community, amongst others, called the ‘Bare Lit Festival’.

Bare Lit Festival

Bare Lit Festival

According to the event’s website the festival, which is the first of its kind dedicated to Black and ethnic-minority writers, has been created because “last year, the UK’s three largest literary festivals featured over 2000 authors… and of those only 4% were from Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian or East Asian backgrounds”.

The festival has been organised by a group called Media Diversified which “seeks to cultivate and promote skilled writers of colour by providing advice and contacts and by promoting content online through its own platform”.

I’ve said before on this blog how important I think it is that as a community we try to support and encourage each other, so it would be great if anyone who sees this post could also promote it, as well as trying to go along next month.

Let’s hope it leads to new recognition, respect and exposure for writers in the UK from all kinds of backgrounds.

Further coverage:

The Bookselller – Bare Lit Festival to celebrate BAME authors

LondonList: New Festival celebrates ethnic minority writers


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