Calling all BAME writers

And following on from my post earlier in the month about the Bare Lit Festival – I’d like to encourage anyone who is interested to take part in this competition for Black and Ethnic Minority writers living in the UK – BAME Short Story Prize – it’s organised by The Guardian and the 4th estate and has a prize of £1000 for the winner.

And please also check out a publisher that I just found on Twitter called Kamaria Press which calls itself a “not-for-profit African and Caribbean publishing house with the aim of distributing original and uninhibited works of literature” – this is the Facebook page – Kamaria Press

I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again, it’s so important that our story is told in our words and we must support each other as much as possible for this to come about.

I am happy to promote any organisation, event and/or individual that is dedicated to the aim of encouraging and enhancing the Black community in Britain.

Further reading:

Well-Read Black Girl

Marie Claire article on the ‘invisibility of black women writers’


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