About Me


I am a journalist in my early 40’s.

I was born and raised in London, England but moved to my parent’s country of birth, Barbados, in October 2008 until July 2012 and have recently come back to the Caribbean again.

Barbados (for those of you that don’t know) is in the West Indies and is the most easterly of all of the Caribbean islands.

I love being a journalist (most of the time) because I love writing, meeting new people, finding out interesting things and getting paid for it. Writing has been my passion since I was little and my mum used to read me all sorts of fascinating stories (my favourite author is Charles Dickens).

I knew from very early on that I would be content if my career involved some sort of writing and communication and ever since I learnt how to write I have always had a pen in my hand and later was never far from a keyboard.

In 2008 I finished writing my first novel and eventually, one day, I hope to get it published. In the meantime I am trying to stay happy and positive while either living in the Caribbean sun or in the UK.


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